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I’m not really feeling this blogging business any more. I don’t really know why, I guess just lack of motivation and a ton of uni work means that I can’t be bothered. I’m not ending my blog, but I’m going to decide where I want it to go, I don’t really want to be the person who just posts you tubes and pointless memes on here, and its public so I can’t really say anything majorly personal, because I would just feel bad. I’m no longer the same person who started this blog (wait, physically I am..just mentally I’m not) I have my lj, but is there any point having 2 blogs when one is sufficient.  So I’m going to make it private, so I can say what I want without worrying who can find me and criticise everything I’ve written, I’ll post the link later, or just send me a email through the contact me thing if you want to be added.

Later xx



Stolen from the lovely Leah!
A-Available?: Nope…5 years in the 1st of May


B-Best friend: I have 3 best friends, who I love equally and all have their very different personalitys…heres to Z, N and K
C-Cake or Pie: Pie, for us brits is a savoury dish…so Cake..but only moist and chocolatie.


D-Drink of choice: Vodka, lime and soda or cider (depending on mood)


E-Essential thing used everyday: My phone, computer and legs.


F-Favorite color: Green, like the sea


G-Gummi bears or worms: neither, but M loves both yuck.


H-Hometown: a town in cornwall, beautiful but touristic to the T.
I-Indulgence: Chocolate, we are still eating easter eggs…I’m saving the green and black one yummy


J-January or February: January I guess but I’m not a Winter person, suffer from the blues of the dark months.
K-Kids and names: Neither, I can’t even think of a good name, I do like Odette after my Grandmother so maybe one day


L-Life is incomplete without: My friends, my family…they save me from myself everyday.


M-Marriage date: presumptions that I will be asked or will ask someone.

N- number of siblings: 1 bro- P 12 years younger then me.


O-Oranges or apples: apples- cider so good. especially my dads


P-Phobias: snakes, mice, being alone, crowded places…yeh i contradict my self


Q-Quote: My Mum takes euthansia pills….uh I think you mean echinaecia.


R-Reason to smile: My personal  network, they all know how to help me…especially my mum.


S-Season: Autumn and Summer….I’m a beach baby


T-Tag three people: Ok, so not sure who will actually do this so Judy(adventures) and Karina (Milkjam)..I tag you!


U-Unknown fact about me: Actually you probabley all know this, I rarely put full stops in my sentences(.)


V-Vegetable you do not like: Courgette (ugh…like hot cucumber)


W-Worst habit: being bossy…(sorry M)
X-rays you have had: 3, all for falling down the stairs and hurting my ankle or wrist.


Y-Your favourite food: Fajitas, curry and Smothered Chicken…oh and garlic mayonnaise with everything


Z-Zodiac: Cancer


Life, isn’t easy, But with the help of friends and family the hard times get easier bit by bit. The blogging world is a strange one, you form bonds and sympathies with people you have never met and when they hit hard times, you feel them as well. Words are difficult, reality will always win but when you know that somewhere people are out there and they feel anger and sadness for you thats when you realise that you not alone.


A random email

A thief in Paris decided to steal some pictures from the louvre

After careful planning, he got past security, stole the paintings and made it safely to his van. However, he was captured only two blocks away when his van ran out of gas.




When asked how he could mastermind such a crime and the make such an obvious error, he replied,




‘Monsieur, that is the reason I stole the paintings.

I had no Monet.

to buy Degas.

to make the Van Gogh.

See, if you have De Gaulle to send this on to someone else.

I sent it to you because I figured I had nothing Toulouse.





I have been in France for the past week and am completely shattered. I spent the week trying to write my dissertation and not succeeding. All in all it was nice, I got to see my friends from last year and chill out…kind of. However the day before I left for france I had dyed my hair and then following this had an allergic reaction to it which included an eye injection, rash, skin peeling off my scalp and one of my glands sticking out…not good. Then on saturday the seasoned traveller in me managed to get incredibly sea sick…so basically I have spent the week being ill.

Welcome to my blog! There is an about me section at the top of the screen. This is my blog it details my just under a year as a teaching assistant in France and then back home again. I'm currently living in Hampshire... though my heart is split between Cornwall and France. Cornish Blogs.

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